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Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background could only mean the school year has wrapped up and it’s time for a new group of graduates to receive their diplomas.  If your son or daughter is graduating, celebrate their success with a special party. Biebel’s can help you plan your perfect party. Here are some ideas...


Catering Suggestions:

  • Biebel's has designed a Graduation Menu just for this special event. We offer a wide range of menu choices to please all palates from sandwiches and grilled meats to a taco buffet and even an Italian option. All items include a wide range of delicious sides  and dessert. 
  • Let Biebel’s set up our grills and cook burgers, brats and chicken for a Picnic theme on a beautiful Wisconsin day.  Choose from an extensive list of flavorful sides that include potato dishes, fruits and vegetables, and other tasty fare for a well-rounded meal. Children’s Menu also available. We have a variety of rental concession items available to keep the graduate’s family and guests entertained. 
  • Try a Taco-Nacho-Burrito Fiesta– Having a fiesta-themed event? Our Beef and/or Chicken dishes with all the fixins’ are delicious and easy for everyone to put together. We have a variety of nacho cheese machines as well as a nacho chip display case to meet your specific needs. All you need are your amigos and a Mariachi band!
  • Biebel’s Pig Roast is a unique way to celebrate your graduate’s success! Biebel’s will bring the pig to your site after charcoal-fired slow roasting for a number of hours. When done, your guests can watch our staff carve the mouth-watering pork. All the trimmings are included and priced per person. Close your eyes and just imagine a whiff of that aroma!
  • Use foods that match your graduate’s school colors. Badger graduates could enjoy our South of the Border Tray with Red Tortilla Chips, Chili Meatballs, Parsley Buttered Red Potatoes and Watermelon slices. Check out our Appetizers and Party Trays. 

Rental Suggestions:

  •  Planning on inviting future graduates? Biebel’s carries a number of concession items that will make it loads of fun for everyone! Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines, Slush and Snow Cone Machines and all the fixings to make it simple yet memorable for all your younger guests and their families.
  • A Saturday Party?  On Friday, we’ll deliver / set-up or you can pick up. It’s yours for the weekend. We can pick up on Monday. 

Fun Decorating Ideas:

  • Inspire your guests by placing relevant quote cards next to their plates. For a conversation starter, have your guests share their quote with everyone at the table.
  • ‘Shoot for the Stars’ is a great message for your graduate and is easily accomplished with shining silver and gold balloon decorations.
  • A Memory Jar is a great way for guest to share the good times at school and other special times. All it takes is paper, pens and a lovely jar.
  • A cute centerpiece idea could be photos of ‘then and now’ with the graduate and his/her friends. Attach the photos to dowels vertically and place in a can or vase.
  • Decorate cloth napkins and make them “graduation-festive” by rolling them up and tying them to make them look like diplomas.
  • More Ideas on Pinterest!