Aluminum Clamp Light with Bulbs            $4.00

(75W to 100W Bulb)

Tripod Lighting  (Dual Halogen)               $15.00

White String Lighting (Christmas-Style)   $4.00 per set

Glass Insulators to be Used for Lighting   $0.50 each

11W Bulb String Lighting                         $0.50 per set
      11W incandescent bulbs, 2 ft of spacing between lights, connect up to 5 sets end-to-end without a dimmer,        
       connect 2 sets with a dimmer ($5.00 each)
       Available lengths (feet): 9, 20, 28, 30, and 48
       Must use a 12-guage heavy duty extension cord with multiple sets (not included)

Pole Lighting   (1 Bulb per Pole)               $35.00 per pole
   LED Standard Uplighting


Extension Cord Pricing